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New-Style Manure Separator
Running dairy manure through the VYF separator saves northern dairymen time and money. Dairy manure averages about 30 percent undigested fiber. Separating out nutrient-heavy liquids from the fiber reduces application labor and expense, but also saves on bedding costs.
  “The cost of setting up a system on a farm varies by the farm and the equipment they have in place. However, our separator alone is priced at about $57,000 (Canadian),” says Yvon Vincent, VYF Distribution. “One machine can handle the manure from up to 600 head. Producing an estimated $26,000 worth of bedding material per year, that makes it a paying proposition.”
  Before building their own separator, VYF was a distributor for another brand. “We decided to build our own. We wanted to make one that’s more durable with less maintenance and that would produce a drier material.”
  The VYF separator is powered by a 10 hp. electric motor that can work at either 240 or 600-volt power. It drives a 12-in. auger or worm screw that can press out the manure from 40 to 50 cattle per hour. It produces 1 to 2 cu. ft. of recycled litter material per cow per day.
  “We offer multiple size mesh screens to match the type of manure or other material to be pressed,” says Vincent. “The expelled fiber is between 36 and 40 percent moisture. This is lower than most of our competitors, due to more uniform pressing with less air pressure.”
  VYF recommends holding the material in a silage box or closed container for use as soon as 24 hrs. after separating. More open storage may require 2 to 3 days of storage before use. The drying and storage process destroys bacteria and removes odors. The recycled litter has a high absorption capacity and, due to its low cost, can be used in higher quantity for greater cow comfort.
  The company suggests that their separator will outlast competitive equipment. “We focused on reducing wear and tear with the unique design of the worm screw and the wire mesh,” says Vincent.
  Currently, the VYF manure separator has only Canadian distribution. However, U.S. customers can order a unit direct from VYF. Vincent reports the company is developing a distribution system in the U.S.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, VYF Distribution, 2300 Power St., Drummondville, Qué. Canada J2C 7Z4 (ph 819 475-4492; info@vyf-distribution.com; www.vyf-distribution.com).

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