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Company Helps Get Lame Pets Back On Their Feet
“Pets are family, and we are willing to do whatever we can to help people keep their family members around as long as possible,” says Jennifer Pratt, project manager for Walkin’ Pets, a New Hampshire company that offers a variety of wheelchairs, braces, harnesses and slings for pets with mobility problems.
“We have helped over 1 million pets,” Pratt says of the business that started in 2001. Founder Mark Robinson discovered that instead of making custom wheelchairs for specific animals, it’s much more affordable to make adjustable units.
Since chairs and other equipment are often purchased for older dogs that won’t be around long, equipment can be used for another pet or donated because it is adjustable.
Walkin’ Wheels come in 4 sizes for dogs from 2 to 180 lbs. with models for rear, front or full support.
Walkin’ Pets has much more than just wheeled carts for dogs, Pratt says. For example, a rear support leash may be enough to help get dogs up off the ground or help them manage steps and save the owner’s back. A bootie splint can help a dog that is starting to drag its back feet.
While most clients have dogs, Walkin’ Pets has also provided equipment for cats, ducks, chickens, turtles and goats.
“We just say ‘yes’ when people call and go to work,” Pratt says. “Our goal is to help as many animals as possible. If a customer calls about an animal that we’ve never worked with before, we will do whatever we can to help them become mobile.”
Walkin’ Pets sells through its online store, and some veterinarians have their equipment in stock. Their wheelchairs have been distributed to more than 200 countries through international dealers.
Check online for more information, including the availability of used equipment.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com, 105 Route 101A, Suite 18, Amherst, N.H. 03031 (ph 888 253-0777; www.handicappedpets.com).

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