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Spray-On Repellent Chases Mice Away
“We think it’s the most effective product out there to keep mice away from enclosed areas,” says Nick Olynyk about Grandpa Gus’s Potent Mouse Repellent, a spray that mice hate to smell or taste.
The repellent is made from natural essential oils, including 7 percent peppermint and cinnamon, to repel mice and stop them from chewing. According to the company, it can be sprayed in farm machinery or vehicle cabs, under the hood of your car, in cabinets and toolboxes, and anywhere else you don’t want mice.
Grandpa Gus’s mouse repellent works somewhat like pepper spray. It leaves no stains, unlike castor oil-based formulas found online.  
Olynyk says the product works great when sprayed along the perimeter of walls and floors where mice often run. “When the repellent dries it leaves a residue coating on the floor or wiring. When mice bite into that or run on top of it, they get residue on their paws and then rub it in their eyes, nose, or mouth. The residue is effective for up to 1 mo.”
An 8-oz. bottle of Grandpa Gus’s Potent Mouse Repellent sells for $9.99 in many stores including Tractor Supply Co. and Ace Hardware.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Vic West Brands, 512 E. Riverside Drive, Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78704 (ph 888 698-6463; support@grandpagus.com; www.grandpagus.com).

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