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Add-On Sensors Get Hopper Loads Right
You can eliminate overloading or underloading big trailers with Leading Edge’s Load Judge. The hopper-mounted sensors capture a clear image of material as it is loaded into the trailer, day or night, dust or not.
“I got tired of climbing on and off to check on a trailer being loaded,” says Shawn Gengerke, Leading Edge Industries. “Cameras in dust or on a dewy morning don’t work either. If you don’t know how a trailer is loading, you can be off by 10,000 lbs.”
The Load Judge is the solution from this innovative farmer, who also developed the Harvest Sweep (Vol. 39, No. 2). Kits consist of 6 lighted sensors and a moisture sensor mounted in the hopper trailer. The lighted sensors operate on a special frequency to scan the grain profile as it builds inside the trailer.
“The scan gives very good accuracy, even with dirty sensors,” says Gengerke. “They could be covered with 1/2-in. of dirt and still be sensitive. “The software self-calibrates as conditions change.”
Proximity data from the sensors is run through an algorithm that calculates shape and size of the pile. This is transmitted by wireless to an app on the driver’s smartphone or other electronic device in the cab.
The app displays not only the profile of the grain and a preset end target profile, but also the estimated weight and bushels. The operator simply moves forward or backward as needed to fill to the optimum load.
“Load Judge makes it easy for the operator to load the truck consistently and correctly,” says Gengerke. “It is adaptable to corn, wheat or any grain type.”
Although he sells through dealers, he also sells direct. He designed the kits for do-it-yourself installation. They are priced based on the size of the trailer.
Purchased direct from the manufacturer, they range in price from $5,000 for a single hopper pup trailer to $9,500 for a 3-hopper, single trailer. A 4-hopper, Super B trailer requires 2 kits and is priced at $13,000 ordered direct.
Additional moisture sensors are $500 from Leading Edge. The website store asks for type of trailer and specification, including brand of trailer, sidewall height, number of hoppers, and trailer length.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Leading Edge Industries, 12702 406th Ave., Groton, S. Dak. 57445 (ph 605 397-2020; support@loadjudge.com; www.loadjudge.com).

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