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Semi-Truck Auger Moves Seed And Fertilizer Fast
You can unload 9 tons of seed, fertilizer or other materials in 3 minutes with the Quickveyor from Peterson Motors. The QV38, a 38-ft. trailer, can carry 26 1/2 tons legally while the QV50, triple axle, 50-ft. trailer can haul up to 32 tons. The trailers are modified for use primarily as seed and fertilizer tenders.
“We take a ready-made Merritt hopper trailer and put a conveyor belt underneath,” explains Carla Peterson, Peterson Motors. “Everything moves below the trailer and out the back end.”
At the back end of the trailer is a stainless steel tube conveyor that can be equipped with an optional 4-direction, swinging discharge chute. The chute can be controlled with a remote or with push buttons on the side of the trailer.
“The chute out the back makes it easy to load large fertilizer applicators or seed boxes,” says Peterson.
The trailers are designed with good ground clearance for field use. They can be segmented in up to 4 compartments for hauling and delivering multiple kinds of seed or fertilizer. Any compartment can be emptied separately or blended with others. They also feature a reverse unloading option.
Other options include self-contained hydraulic systems; wireless backup cameras; sight windows; rear, internal and undercarriage LED lights; electric tarps and more.
While the trailers are designed for speed and ease of a handling, a key component is gentle handling, notes Peterson.
“We use a rubber belt for the undercarriage conveyor to provide a smoother, less jarring ride. You don’t want to knock off seed coatings and inoculants.”
The QV38 is priced at $51,995. The QV50 is priced at $66,995.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Quickveyor, 120 9th Ave. SE, Watertown, S. Dak. 57201 (ph toll free 888 327-8298; info@quickveyor.com; www.quickveyor.com).

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