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Bale Unroller Mounts On Bale Spear
Ed Brouwer couldn’t justify the cost of a commercial round bale unroller, so the Osoyoos, B.C., rancher came up with a low-cost solution by mounting a pair of rear wheels off a garden tractor onto his loader tractor. The wheels are attached to short lengths of pipe, which fit onto a pair of 2-ft. long stabilizer bars on the loader’s bale spear.
    The 16-in. high wheels, spaced 4 ft. apart and about 30 in. off the ground, spin freely. Each wheel is attached to a short steel pipe that slips over the stabilizer bar. Brouwer welded a rectangular metal bracket onto the end of each pipe and welded an axle rod across each. Once the wheels were in position, he drilled a small hole at the outer edge and, using a washer and cotter pin, locked in the wheels.
  To unroll a bale, he just drives forward and pushes the wheels against the bale. The bale spear easily clears the top of the bale.
  “It’s a simple, low-cost system with almost nothing to go wrong,” says Brouwer, who runs a horse rescue and equine retirement center. “The biggest advantage is that I can use the bale spear to move bales around and then use the unroller to unroll them. If I want to use the tractor to unroll another bale, I tilt the bale spear down and back away. The wheels just fall off the stabilizer bars,” says Brouwer.
   “It only took about a half hour to build. In fact, it took longer to paint the unroller than to build it.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ed Brouwer, P.O. Box 914, Osoyoos, B.C. Canada V0H 1V0 (ph 250 495-4877; aka-opa@hotmail.com).

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