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Finger Weeder Gets In-Row Weeds
“The Steketee Finger Weeder lets you change fingers to match soil types, spacing and crops,” says Joe Sutton, Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc. “Depending on the length and type of fingers you select, weeding can be more or less aggressive. They all slip onto the same hub. The system is very modular and adjustable vertically and horizontally.”
There are a wide variety of sizes, row configurations and spacing. The standard 13-in. finger weeders for single row use with a walk-behind tractor start at $430. They range up to a 30-ft. long toolbar to weed 18 rows in a pass. The large unit starts at $100,000 and varies by spacing.
Flexible poly fingers are available in narrow (9-in.), standard (13-in.) and wide (16-in.) lengths for row spacing as close as 10, 12 and 15 in., respectively.
Brush-type fingers are available in 9 and 13-in. lengths for row spacing as close as 10 and 12 in., respectively.
Fingers are mounted to 9-in. long steel shanks fixed to a steel disc and dislodge the weeds as the units travel down rows.
Sutton is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Netherlands-based, Steketee finger weeders and has sold the finger weeders in Canada. The company also carries spring-loaded arms and extension brackets in different sizes and styles for mounting the finger weeders.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc., 1044 Harkins Rd., Salinas, Calif. 93901 (ph 831 422-9693; toll free 866 280-6229; info@suttonag.com; www.suttonag.com).

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