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Marsh Tacky Horse Breed Still Rare But Thriving
The rare and endangered Marsh Tacky horse breed continues to thrive in the swampy regions of South Carolina and Georgia, thanks to diligent efforts of dedicated individuals and the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association. The Association was established in 2007 and says that even though the breed is still endangered, about 423 documented animals are alive today, double the number from 2004. Individual owners and at least 3 breeders continue to nurture the breed.
Jeanette Beranger of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy has researched and documented Tackies for 30 years. She says they’re sturdy, well-balanced animals that are easy to train and make wonderful companions. They possess a unique gait called the “Swamp Fox Trot” that allows them to be worked or ridden all day without tiring the horse or rider. Standing about 13.5 to 15 hands tall, Tackies are used for hunting, herding and pleasure riding. Their colors are consistent with other Spanish breeds including dun, bay, blue roan, dun roan, red roan, sorrel, chestnut, black and grulla.
Beranger says Marsh Tackies were used by troops during the American Revolution. The horses provided Revolutionaries an inherent advantage over larger British horses because they were adapted to the rough and swampy Coastal terrain. Tackies are today recognized as honorable members of several chapters of Daughters of the American Revolution.
The onset of WWII saw Tackies and their armed mounts patrolling beaches of the Southern coasts, watching for German U-boats and potential enemy landings.
Tackies have been passed down by their owners through family generations and many of today’s documented horses continue that heritage. They’re enjoyed for hunting, pleasure riding and even special Tacky beach racing derbies, which for years were popular on Hilton Head Island. Beranger says that more than 4 centuries after arriving on the American continent, the future of Marsh Tackies continues bright because of diligent and thoughtful owners, a strong breed association and support from The Livestock Conservancy.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Carolina Marsh Tacky Association, P.O. Box 1447, Hollywood, S. Car. 29449 (www.marshtacky.info; marshtacky@gmail.com).

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