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Grain Bin Cap Opens, Closes From The Ground
EZ Remote Bin Caps have been good sellers since they first went on the market in 1996. To open, just pull on the cable which runs down to ground level and release it to close.
“With standard bin caps, the wind can get under and open them up,” says inventor Jerry Tufte, Tough-T Mfg. “Our tipping bin caps automatically latch when the caps come down under their own weight.”
The tipping EZ Remote Bin Caps come with 30 ft. of 1/8-in. aircraft cable and other hardware. Heavy mounting rings make them easy to install. They come in 18, 24, 27 and 32-in. diameter sizes. Prices for the 4 sizes range from $260 to $370.
Sliding caps for larger bin openings operate with 2 aircraft cables, one for opening and one for closing. They are available in 36 to 44-in. diameter sizes and are priced from $550 to $600.
“The tipping caps come with rings that slip over the existing cap ring,” says Tufte. “Just tighten set screws, drill some holes, and bolt them solid. The sliding caps require drilling a couple of holes and have a few more pieces to assemble, but they go together easily.”
Both styles are easy to set to a vent position for use with aeration fans. Everything about them is designed for ease of operation, says Tufte.
“Our customers like the convenience and the fact that they work well,” he says. “We’ve had guys come back multiple times as they add new bins. They really like that they latch tight and stay closed.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tough-T Mfg., P. O. Box 40, Glenfield, N. Dak. 58443 (ph 701 785-2555; jerry@tough-t.com; www.tough-t.com).

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