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Manure Content Sensed On-The-Go
Deere’s Manure Constituent Sensing (MCS) system measures nutrient content in manure as it is being applied. It measures N, P and K, as well as dry matter.
“Our farmer customers know that manure nutrients are quite variable. With Manure Constituent Sensing you can measure in real time what is put down at every spot in the field,” says John Mishler, Precision Ag Technology, John Deere.
The MCS uses infrared sensing 4,000 times per second to analyze manure moving through the applicator. Data is sent to the tractor’s Operations Center, where it can be used by the operator to manually or automatically adjust application rates.
“The operator can increase the application rate to meet a pre-determined nutrient goal or reduce it to prevent over application,” says Mishler. “They can choose to set a goal of 200 lbs. of N, but also set a limit of perhaps 90 lbs. of P. Tractor automation will adjust tractor speed.”
The instant readout and reaction compares dramatically with the alternative of agitate, sample and send off for analysis.
On-the-go analysis has been available in Europe for many years. MCS from Deere has been commercially available there for 2 years.
Mishler is confident the system will help manure users make better use of manure. It may also help those with excess manure to get more value from it.
“We’ve already had conversations with producers that manure sales by the ton or gallon may soon be priced by the pound of nutrient, as are commercial fertilizers,” says Mishler. “MCS helps farmers understand the value of what has long been considered a waste product.”
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