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Award Winning Stock Dog Trainer
As a herdsman at Mississippi State University in the 1980’s, John Holman enjoyed working with stock dogs as much as he did taking care of sheep. That enjoyment eventually became an occupation when he began training sheep and cattle dogs while raising registered Border Collies. Thirty years later his “Dog4Ewe” business has a national and international reputation with top level dogs produced through 6 generations of selective breeding.
“My customers like my Border Collies because of their athleticism, intelligence and trainability,” Holman says. “They can handle tough cattle, any type of sheep, and I can even train them to be gentle enough to handle ducks,” he says with a chuckle.
His own competitive success, and owners who’ve purchased his dogs, back Holman’s reputation as a breeder and trainer. In open competition he’s had 8 wins at the Iowa State Fair, 7 at the Nebraska State Fair, and 10 at the National Western Stock Show. In 2003 he began competing in the National Cattle Dog Finals of the U.S. Border Collie Handlers Association and has consistently produced top ten finishers, winning the competition with his Border Collie, Lee, in 2014. His dogs have also received more than 70 AKC competitive citations.
In a typical year Holman trains a dozen pups, usually 3 from his own litters. He can train any breed of stock dog and he likes to keep two pups in training at a time. Pups start training at 8 months and continue a strict regimen for 2 to 3 months.
In addition to training, Holman is an experienced judge with licenses for the American Kennel Club (AKC), the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA), and the United States Border Collie Handler’s Association (USBCHA). He also puts on several dog handling clinics a year in the U.S., Canada and occasionally in Europe. “I welcome handlers and dogs at any experience level and can set up a clinic for single or multiple days,” Holman says. “Each participant gets to work their dog in two sessions a day where I’ll analyze their work and give clear advice on how they can correct problems and improve.”
Trained Border Collies make good family dogs, but Holman doesn’t suggest them as purely pets. “They need structure, mental stimulation and a job to do, otherwise they’ll get bored and get into trouble.” Border Collie pups from Dog4Ewe are priced from $1,000 to $1,200 with all shots provided. Training them runs $750 per month.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Holman, Dog4Ewe, 415 North Clay Ave., Clay Center, Neb. 68933 (ph 402 469-5056; john.dog4ewe@gmail.com; www.dog4ewe.com).

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