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They Specialize In Decorative Windmills
If you have an old windmill tower but the fan blades no longer work, Scott Windmills will supply a working head complete with fan blades and rudder that look real. If you don’t already have a tower, the company makes wooden ones, with or without a matching water tank.
  “I built one for our own farm, and a lady saw it and wanted one,” recalls Travis Scott. “She ordered several more, and it took off from there. She is still a dealer, but we now have between 200 and 300 dealers, mostly in the U.S.”
  A demand for rustic-style windmill fans was initially filled from a graveyard of beaten up windmills. “Eventually we started making fans in a rustic style,” says Shannon. “Now we offer them galvanized, oxidized or rusted.”
  As featured on the HGTV hit show “Fixer Upper”, fans are often used as decorations on house and barn walls. They’ve also been modified as ceiling fans. The company even makes smaller fans with space for a clock facing in the center.
  The full windmill heads with fans and rudders are popular with people who have an empty tower. “We have a lot of customers who buy a windmill head just to see the blades spin,” says Shannon. “Others will build a tower themselves using the plans we provide with our windmill head kits.”
  She points out that the windmill heads are not designed for pumping. That doesn’t mean they aren’t well built.
  “Our windmills are built of heavy-duty components and built to last in an outdoor environment,” says Shannon. “We have a customer in Florida who emails a picture of his windmill to us after every hurricane to show it’s hurricane proof.”
  The company sells 20, 28, 47 and 60-in. windmill heads, as well as fans from 30 to 120 in. in diameter. They also sell half fans for wall decorations. Prices for heads range from $160 for a 30-in. to $620 for a 60-in. Fan prices range from $65 for a 30-in. industrial style half to $460 for a 120-in. rustic style half. Full fans range from $100 for a 30-in. industrial style to $650 for a 120-in. rustic style. Texas flag rudders are available at no extra cost.
  The 3 smaller heads have sealed bearings in the hub so they don’t have to be greased or maintained. The 60-in. windmill head uses a heavy-duty hub/bearing assembly and is greased through the spindle. Annual repacking of the bearings is recommended.
  Wooden windmills come in 8, 11, 15 and 20-ft. heights with footprints ranging from 32 by 32 in. to 62 by 62 in. Plans for build-it-yourself towers include tool and lumber requirements.
  “Many of our dealers build wooden windmill and water towers for mounting our heads,” says Shannon. “We’ve seen them built with rustic pine with the bark coming off and others that are smooth and polished. One dealer used railroad ties to make a tower.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Scott Windmills, 945 Parker Dr., Coppell, Texas 75019 (ph 800 693-9361; info@scottwindmills.com; www.scottwindmills.com).

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