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Wedge Loosens Stubborn Duals
You can loosen the most stubborn dual right from the tractor seat, thanks to the new Dual Wedge from Fabby Mfg., Memphis, Mo.
Just unhook the hardware on the wheel, lay the V-shaped Dual Wedge on the ground between the duals, and drive the tractor forward.
"I designed it primarily for separating rim-mounted duals, which pose the biggest problem. But it'll also work on other types of duals," says Tom Pieper, a farmer, who teamed up with Larry White, his tire dealer, to develop the device.
The top of the loosened wheel will lean agains the inside wheel so you don't have to worry about it falling away from the tractor and flat onto the ground, explains Pieper. "You drive forward until you hear the wheel pop loose. Even if you have to drive almost to the end of the wedge before a stubborn wheel lets loose, neither tire will climb up on the wedge because of its special angle and design."
The device is 48 in. long, about 12 in. high and tapers from a 14 in. width down to 11 in. at the narrow end. It's all steel with special reinforcing inside and rounded corners so as not to damage the tires. Weighs 52 lbs., sells for $99 and is UPS shippable. It's easily positioned so as not to damage the valve stem and works on snow, concrete or dirt surfaces, says Pieper.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Fabby Mfg., 108 South Clay, Memphis, Mo. 63555 (ph 816 465-8504).

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