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Treadmill Used To Make Low-Cost Planter Test Stand
Richard Jagels, Buhl, Idaho, uses an old treadmill as a low-cost test stand to check the seeding rate on his Allis Chalmers corn planter.
    “It really helps me avoid problems before I head to the field,” says Jagels. “The seed plates on this planter are ground-driven by the packer wheels on back.”
    He removed the front bar from the treadmill, then placed the front end of the treadmill underneath where seed drops out between the planter’s seed discs. The treadmill’s original controls are used to adjust the speed at which the seed plates turn.
    “It’s an inexpensive way to check if every cell in the seed plate gets filled with seed, and to see if the plate is too large which can cause doubles,” says Jagels. “If I want I can mark the wheel to see how many kernels are being planted within a given distance, in order to get a more accurate population count.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Jagels, Buhl, Idaho (ph 208 731-0702).

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