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Lift Kit Jacks Up Deere Sprayers
A Deere R Series sprayer equipped with a high-clearance kit from Simon Innovations will raise up from its normal 60-in. clearance to a tassel-clearing 71 to 80 in.
  “With the factory-installed 46-in. rims, our kit will provide up to 71 in. of clearance,” explains inventor Steve Simon. “If you switch to 50-in. rims, you’ll get up to 76 in. clearance. If you go to 54-in. rims, you’ll get 80 in. of clearance.”
  While Deere makes its own lift kit for their sprayers, it has to be removed when you want to return the sprayer to its original height. Simon’s kit lets you move the sprayer up and down as needed.
  “Toggle switches in the cab let the operator set the height at normal, mid-point, or fully raised,” says Simon. “With the kit in place, you can return to within 3 in. of its original height for transit or shorter crops.”
  The kit includes 4 pneumatic cylinders, strut rods, air lines, and all the required fittings. Installation takes approximately 6 to 8 hrs., depending on mechanical expertise. It includes replacing the OEM air bags with special Firestone-developed air bags. Large strut rods on each side of the 4 corners guide the lift system as it moves up and down.
  “It’s all mechanical, all pneumatic, so it is safe, easy, simple and automatically levels,” says Simon.
  Simon originally developed the lift kit for his own use. Once he saw how well it worked, he kept the concept machine under wraps while pursuing patents and fine-tuning the design.
  A tool and die maker by training, Simon had already introduced several other products to the marketplace, including smooth hub covers that deflect stalks in taller corn.
  As part of prototype development, he tried the concept out on multiple machines, including wheeled and tracked sprayers. Since introducing the kit 2 years ago, he has sold more than 150 of them, including a shipment to Europe.
  “I’ve been spraying fungicides on corn for years, and you need to be able to get in close to the time of tasseling,” says Simon. “The lift kit lets you do that.”
  The high clearance, R-Series Suspension Kit is priced at just under $30,000 (U.S.). Simon also makes custom lift kits for a variety of other equipment.
  “We’ve built kits to provide as much as 90 in. of clearance for a blueberry grower and are working on another custom lift kit for a New Zealand vineyard,” says Simon.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Simon Innovations, 23676 Talbot Line, Rodney, Ont. Canada (ph 519 671-7394; toll free 855 246-6688; steve@simoninnovations.com;

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