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“Full Contact” Hay Roller Reconditioning
“Resurfaced hay rollers from Circle C Equipment can dry hay up to 50 percent faster and more consistently than standard OEM rollers, producing a sweeter and softer crop that cattle find more palatable,” says Mel Homer, sales and marketing manager for the company.
  Circle C builds new rollers and reconditions existing rollers using high quality rubber that’s machined, rather than poured, into a precise pattern. This process results in “full-contact” rollers that do a much better job conditioning hay as it moves through the rollers and ejecting debris with little or no damage to the rubber or the rolls.
  “Hay producers send us their used rollers, we strip the old rubber off, and install new rubber with our proprietary process for about half the cost of buying new ones,” Homer says. “The resurfaced rollers have our full-contact pattern that’ll work considerably better than when the machine was new with the OEM rollers. That’s what sets us apart from other companies that do this.”   
  Circle C also builds new rollers, using seamless DOM tubing rather than welded pipe common on most new machines. The Circle C rollers are machined on a computerized lathe, then balanced to within 1 millimeter at high rpm’s so they operate without vibration.
  “We’ve been building rollers since 1997 and have regularly upgraded and improved products and manufacturing procedures with the latest technology,” Homer says. “The most significant improvements have been in the life and durability of the rubber compound and the bonding techniques we use to adhere the rubber to the metal. Our spiral roll pattern has also been improved to handle feedability challenges in tough conditions.” The resurfaced rollers carry a one-year warranty.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Circle C Equipment, 333 E. Feedville Rd., Hermiston, Ore. 97838 (ph 800 367-1847; www.circleequipment.com).

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