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Toy Logging Truck Built From Scrap Metal
James Daugherty, Gray, Georgia, recently made an 18-in. long toy semi trailer logging truck entirely out of scrap metal. His brother John was so impressed that he sent photos to FARM SHOW.
  All components on the truck are made from mild steel and are mig welded together. A series of 4-in. tall uprights, made from 3/8-in. thick square stock, hold the “logs” in place on the trailer. The cab is made out of 2 by 4-in. rectangular tubing; 6-in. tall exhaust pipes are made out of 3/8-in. pipe; and the fuel tanks are made of 1-in. dia. solid round bar. Nuts serve as the truck’s headlights.
  But what’s most striking about the truck are the wheels, which Daugherty made by tach welding nuts together inside cylinders made from round tubing.
  “My friend who works in the logging industry recently turned 31 years old, and for a birthday present I wanted to make him a toy logging truck something like the real ones,” says Daugherty. “I didn’t build it to scale but just went by memories of logging trucks that I’ve seen.”
  To make the wheels he cut 1 3/4-in. dia. tubing into 3-in. cylinders, then set each cylinder on a table and dropped different size nuts inside it on their edge. He pressed the nuts all the way down to the table, then tach welded them together and also welded them to the pipe.
  The fenders are made from 1 3/4-in. tubing. Daugherty cut a small piece of the tubing in half and pressed it in a vise, in order to open it up so it would fit around the wheel.
  When he was done building the truck he applied a layer of clear coat.
  “I didn’t paint the truck because I like the look of steel and wanted to show my craftsmanship, including the tach welds and all the grinding,” says Daugherty. “I tried to make everything on the truck look as clean as possible, which was real hard to do with all the welding.”
  The trailer’s frame is made from 1 by 1 1/2-in. steel, the rear mud flaps from rectangular sections of flat metal welded to a horizontal length of rebar, the radiator grill from 1/4-in. thick short metal rods, and the brush guard from 1/8-in. thick, 1 1/4-in. wide flat stock.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, James Daugherty, 144 Old Fortville Road, Gray, Georgia 31032 (ph 478 957-0748; jddaug23@gmail.com).

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