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Bag Roller Makes 400-Lb. Round Bales Of Plastic
The Bag Lady Bag Roller from Grainfield Supply rolls 250-ft. ag bags into a tight 3 by 3-ft. roll secured with baler twine. Whether headed for the landfill or recycling, the Bag Roller bales are easy to handle and eliminate chopping up bags to fit in dumpsters. It makes it easy to comply with recycling or landfill regulations.
  “A local county commissioner heard that Revolution Plastics, an Arkansas company, was recycling grain bags and other ag bags,” recalls Larry Cox, Grainfield Supply. “He and a neighbor had an idea for a bag roller and came to us for components. We worked with them to come up with the Bag Roller. We started making and selling them and have even shipped several semi loads to Canada.”
  The Bag Roller is built to last with heavy-duty steel tubing for the inner frame and a telescoping outer frame activated by hydraulic cylinders. The spool consists of 1/4-in. plate disks mounted to the inner frame. Square steel tube stingers form the center of the spool. A hydraulic motor with a roller chain drive rotates the spool to wind up the bag.
  The stingers are mounted to the telescoping outer frame. As the cylinders extend or retract the outer frame, the stingers slide in to pinch the end of the bag to secure it for rolling or slide out to release the rolled bag on the ground.
  “We like to start the bale by folding the corners of the end of the bag in like you do for a paper airplane,” says Cox. “Once the stingers have pinched the folded end, we loosely roll up the first few revolutions. The bag will continue to fold in as it is rolled onto the spool.”
  Cox notes that the Bag Roller was originally designed with a quick-tach plate for use with a skid steer. Grainfield Supply also markets a 3-pt. hitch unit.
  “You can roll bags off the ground or directly off the grain bag unloader,” says Cox. “If rolling bags that are longer than 250 ft., just cut the bag off when the bale starts rubbing on the frame. Release the bale and restart the process.”
  Cox estimates most bag bales weigh around 400 lbs. The Bag Roller itself weighs about 800 lbs. He points out that the design is very low maintenance, only requiring a little lubrication. The Bag Roller is priced at $4,200.
  Grainfield is a one-of-a-kind ag supply house that carries everything from hydraulic cylinders to chore boots and aircraft cable to corral panels. They also fabricate a number of products in addition to the Bag Roller.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Grainfield Supply, Inc., 4649 Hwy. 40, P. O. Box 169, Grainfield, Kan. 67737 (ph 785 673-4321; toll free 800 728-9944; sales@grainfieldsupply.com; www.grainfieldsupply.com).

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