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Trying To Stop Wind Power
Today’s giant wind towers are a far cry from the picturesque water-pumping windmills that stood on farms across North America until electricity came along. Many people who have to live next to giant wind farms today report sickness from flickering light as the sun sets or rises behind them as well as constant low-frequency noise and vibrations that are strong enough to rattle windows. There’s also the danger of giant flying propellers or falling towers if the behemoths should ever fail.
   A group of Australians started a website in 2012 called “Stop These Things” to document problems with wind power across the world. They put out a daily newsletter which is a compendium of news stories about groups across the U.S., Canada, Australia and other areas who are fighting to keep big wind farms out of their areas. The site documents stories of people forced from their homes due to problems with wind turbines and the steam-rolling by governments and environmental forces who would rather not hear the concerns of people - usually farmers and ranchers - who have to live near the giant towers.
  I think it’s amazing to be able to generate “free” power from wind and have always been awed by the sight of a field full of windmills. But when you read the stories of people who have to live next to them - or who are asking valid questions about proposed new windfarms - it makes you think about things a little differently. (www.stopthesethings.com)

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