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Outriggers Eliminate Skid Marks
Keith Newnum’s skid steer leaves no skid marks on his hard surface driveway, and its wheels last longer too, thanks to his “made it myself” outriggers. Salvaged from a Bobcat backhoe, the outriggers with casters let him turn his skid steer on a dime.
    “The outriggers only raise the rear end a few inches off the ground, but that’s enough,” says Newnum. “When I don’t need them, the 12-in. reach on the cylinder rams pulls them up and out of the way.”
    Newnum got the idea after purchasing a new set of tires for his Bobcat skid steer. Using it on his coarse, blacktop driveway had torn up the first set of tires.
    Newnum bought a used backhoe to get the outriggers with cylinders. To attach them, he fabricated eye brackets to fit the pivot points for the skid steer loader arms.
    “I used 1/4-in. steel for the bracket and replaced the pivot pin with a longer one,” says Newnum. “The outriggers rest against plates at the base of the skid steer and bolt to fingers there. Adjustable knobs ensure they won’t slip and pop out.”
    He used a control valve from an old stump grinder to divert auxiliary power to the outriggers.
    “The Bobcat stump grinder cost $3,000 new, but it was slow and no longer worked,” says Newnum. “I had been looking for a way to use it. A new control valve with lines would have run me about $800.”
    The only other modification needed was to mount dual caster wheels to the bottom of each outrigger. Each set has an 1,800-lb. load capacity.
    “The skid steer is so easy to turn with them,” says Newnum. “Without them, the skid steer is difficult to spin on my blacktop.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Keith Newnum, 10701 N 400 W, Kingman, Ind. 47952 (ph 765 498-1594; dnewnum@icloud.com).

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