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Tip Helps Fix Tractor Tires
“I’ve been fixing ag tires since 1977 and some of the tougher leaks to repair are those caused by corn and soybean stubble punctures,” says Dale McLaen, Rutland, N. Dak.
  “While the location of a puncture is obvious on the outside of the tire, locating the exact location of the pinhole leak on the inside of the tire can be almost impossible. Stubble doesn’t travel in a straight line like a nail but often curves off to the side so the hole in the tire liner can be as much as an inch away from where you expect it to be.
  “Probing the puncture with an awl to find the leak doesn’t always work and you might accidentally make another hole.
  “Here’s what you do: Spray some soapy water on the inside of the tire about where you think the puncture should be and then take a blow gun nozzle and press the tip tightly against the puncture hole on the outside of the tire, forcing air into the puncture. The soapy water mix on the inside of the tire will instantly foam up at the exact location of the puncture and you’ll be able to make a proper repair without any guesswork. It’s a simple trick that makes fixing these kinds of punctures a breeze.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale McLaen, McLaen’s Service Inc., 13756 Highway 11, Rutland, N. Dak. 58067.

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