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Hay-Saving Net Feeder Made From PVC Pipe
“My wife and I were upset by the way our horses were wasting good hay. We feed 2 flakes of hay at a time into a round bale feeder, but the horses would pull the hay outside the feeder. So I came up with the idea of making a small, octagon-shaped ‘net feeder’ out of pvc pipe and some 5 by 5-in. netting,” says David Coons, Sheffield, Mass.
  He assembled 1 1/2-in. dia. pipe with eight 45-degree elbows into an octagon shape, with a plug located in one of the sections. He bought the 5 by 5-in. netting from Hay Chix (www.haychix.com) and tied it onto the entire perimeter of the octagon, using cord that came with the netting. Then he removed the plug and poured about 10 lbs. of fine sand into the pipe.
  He puts the 2 flakes inside the round bale feeder, then lays the net feeder over them.
  “Hay nets control the amount of hay your horse is able to consume at any one time, which reduces waste. And it doesn’t cost much to put together,” says Coons. “You can make any size octagon depending on the size of your bale feeder. Ours measures 4 ft. across.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David E. Coons, P.O. Box 441, Sheffield, Mass. 01257 (ph 413 717-1188; dcoons3@hotmail.com).

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