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“Best Guard Dog Book Ever”
If you own Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs), a brand new book recently came out that is like an encyclopedia on the topic, covering everything from raising puppies to training them to be more than just guard dogs. “The Way of the Pack: Understanding and Living with Livestock Guardian Dogs” took a lifetime of experience and 6 years for Brenda Negri, of Cinco Deseos Ranch in Winnemucca, Nevada, to write. FARM SHOW readers may recall her name as we’ve sought out her expertise in the past about LGD breeds (Vol. 36; Issue 1) and her preference to raise them in packs as a family to be efficient herd protectors (Vol. 36, Issue 4). She has earned a reputation as an expert for breeding and training and has written and been featured in many articles and YouTube videos.
  The 63-year-old started out to be a “cowboy on a ranch” and her work resumé includes working as a buckaroo on the legendary Nevada Marvel Ranches in Elko, Nevada, where she met many famous ranchers and cowboys. But she learned about LGDs from Basque sheep herders in Spain and found her niche and passion for working with LGDs when she purchased property in Winnemucca, Nevada, and raised goats and sheep. She started with three Great Pyrenees puppies to protect the flock and developed her own style of working with them, similar to how European shepherds lived and worked with their dogs. She’s also raised Spanish Mastiffs, Turkish Boz, Pyrenean Mastiffs, Anatolian/Maremma, Turkish Kangals and Great Pyrenees/Polish Tatra.
  “I’m big on having at least two puppies; using a pack is always best,” she says. She has never had issues with predators such as mountain lions or coyotes killing her livestock.
  She emphasizes taking time to understand and pay attention to dogs.
  “Too many people are lazy and leave a dog on its own,” she says.
  Instead of just leaving a dog to bond with livestock, she advocates personal, hands-on bonding with LGDs. Starting when they are pups she takes them on walks with her sheep and goats “so they understand the whole picture.”
  Her core values working with dogs are: patience, compassion, respect, trust and consistency. Her book details all aspects of LGDs, from proper nutrition to good fencing to breed differences. She talks about how LGDs resist different predators and how they work with all types of livestock from chickens to cattle. The 40+ chapters cover controlling dog fights, acclimating the dogs to guests and weather, and much more. Breeding is about the only topic she doesn’t cover in the book. She includes resources for further reading.
  The Way of the Pack is available on www.amazon.com for $35.
  Negri is semi-retired with nine adult dogs. More information is available on her blog.
  “I hope that people read and study this book. It will help them learn more about their dogs and how they can live with them well,” Negri says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brenda M. Negri, 80 Youngberg Rd., Winnemucca, Nevada 89445 (ph 775 931-0038; lgdnevada@gmail.com; http://spanishmastiff.blogspot.com).

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