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“Bulls Eye” Variable Diameter Discharge For Grain Bins
“Our new Bulls Eye Variable Diameter Discharge for grain bins automatically centers the grain discharged by an auger or conveyor for you, maximizing bin storage capacity and greatly reducing the need to do any shoveling. It forms a perfect cone that goes all the way up to the eave,” says Gary Ward, Twin Valley, Minn.
    The unit hangs from the bin cap using adjustable nylon straps that automatically conform to any bin cap opening size. It consists of a hopper with a series of spring-loaded, overlapping steel plates inside and a hole that delivers grain to the exact center of the bin. The springs are attached to the plate and as the volume of grain in the hopper grows, they pull on the plates to enlarge the hole.
    Once the bin is full, you “core” the bin to remove heavy material from the middle of the bin to keep it from heating up, and then use a shovel to level out the “donut” that’s left.
    “Augers and conveyors can never truly center their discharge as they pour grain into the top of a bin. As a result storage capacity is lost, and shoveling is time consuming and costly,” says inventor Gary Ward. “The Bulls Eye always maintains a ‘centered’ discharge regardless of the position of the loading auger spout. As the bin fills, grain feeds to all sides of the bin equally. There’s no need to move the auger or do any shoveling.”
    He says the V.D.D. can accommodate bins that have a 24-in. vertical centering ring inside their bin cap. That includes most Brock bins and some older styles. “The Bulls Eye only adds an additional 10 in. in height, which should accommodate most existing augers,” notes Ward.     
    Sells for $1,383 plus $60 S&H anywhere in the U.S. A stainless steel model is also available and sells for $1,583 plus $60 S&H.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ward Enterprise, 201 Lincoln Ave. N.E., Twin Valley, Minn. 56584 (ph 833 472-4274; https://bullseyedischarge.com).

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