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Backhoe-Mounted Mower Trims Steep Creek Banks
“My father Marvin Lyle, Pendergrass, Georgia, recently mounted an old Swisher 44-in. pull-type ATV mower on his backhoe. He uses it to mow grass and weeds in hard-to-reach areas around our ponds and creek banks. It’s safe to use and has a lot of advantages over a tractor and bush hog,” says Robert Lyle.
    Marvin removed the wheels and axle from the electric-start mower, then used 2-in. steel tubing to weld together a U-shaped frame that bolts onto both sides of the mower and through holes drilled into the sides of the backhoe’s bucket.
    “My dad came up with the idea because our cattle farm has creeks running through it where we constantly have to clear grass and weeds from the banks,” says Robert. “We had tried using a tractor and bush hog, but backing the mower up to the bank wasn’t very safe. Also, we still had to use a weedeater to cut weeds hanging down over the bank.
    “The backhoe-mounted mower saves all that work. The backhoe can reach out up to 25 ft., so the operator can park the backhoe a safe distance away and still cut grass right up to the edge of the bank. By tilting the backhoe he can closely follow the bank contour. To use the backhoe to dig, he just unbolts the mower.”
    The holes drilled into the bucket provide an added bonus, says Robert. “We sometimes use the backhoe in ponds and creeks to dredge out sand to keep it from plugging a drainage pipe. The holes allow the water to drain out of the bucket.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Lyle, 876 Nichols Road, Pendergrass, Ga. 30567 (ph 706 870-0157; ralyle@windstream.net).

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