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Their New Home Is A Century-Old Church
Kathy and Dennis Lafky bought a 4,800-sq. ft. church along with a few pews and other furnishings in 2016. Kathy says they loved the character and sturdiness of the 117-year-old building, especially the six gorgeous stained-glass windows, which, unlike many churches, didn’t have religious elements. They bought the church to live in.
  One of the first things they tackled was leveling the sanctuary floor, which sloped down nearly 20 in. from the back of the church to the altar. They framed a new sub floor and covered it with plywood sheeting to create a level surface. They also added walls and a ceiling from the altar forward to create a guest bedroom and bathroom with a storage loft above.
  Other major work on the main level included updating the vestibule, adding a kitchen, a bathroom and a laundry room. Their master bedroom is in the upper level that had been classrooms and a small library.
  After the major interior work was complete, Kathy chose paint colors that coordinated with the gold, purple and aqua that are prominent in the stained-glass windows. A spare stained-glass window is prominently displayed on an easel in their new living room along with one of the remaining pews from the church. They donated other items the church left behind to a local Christian charity.
  Their church house still has the original steeple, bell tower and basement kitchen, which Dennis calls his “man cave”. Future projects include adding a garage to the large back yard.
  Lafky says local residents in this small rural community were glad to see the church put to good use. Several put in a bid to tour the home when the Lafkys made it a part of Lewiston’s annual cancer research fundraiser in April, 2018. “Even though we’re private people, we’re happy to raise money for a wonderful cause,” Kathy says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dennis and Kathy Lafky, 24274 Co. Rd. 25, Lewiston, Minn. 55952 (ph 507 523-3454).

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