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Tractor Carries Equipment Up Front
"It's got a rear-mounted engine, good visibility, and the ability to carry heavy 6-row equipment up front," says John Breen, Grand Rapids, Mich., who worked with machine shop operator Terry Weaver to build a 100-hp. row crop tractor that carries equipment at its midsection. Weaver and Breen have already sold their first custom-built tractor and are gearing up to build more.
The "Hy-Till" tractor is powered by a 100-hp. Cummins 4-cyl. rear-mounted turbo diesel. The engine drives an Eaton hydrostatic pump that powers Auburn hydraulic drives on each of the rear wheels. There are three other hydraulic motors on the machine to run the front-wheel assist, to raise and lower the 3-pt. and to operate carried equipment. Rear fenders serve as storage tanks for fuel and hydraulic fluid.
The heavy-duty 3-pt. is located just behind the front wheels. It raises and lowers on metal masts that support special hydraulic cylinders. "Building the 3-pt. was one of the trickiest parts of the tractor. We had to use special-built matched cylinders that are designed to raise and lower at the same time. On each side of the lift is a tube within a tube mounted on bearings and rollers for smooth operation," explains Breen.
The arched bridge between the front and back halves of the tractor is built from 6 by 12-in. -in. walled tubing. There's 5 ft. of clearance under the bridge and 3 ft. beneath the axles. Front to back wheelbase is 14 ft. Tractor width is 6 ft. It's fitted with 12.4 by 36 rear tires and 11.2 by 24 front tires. Weaver built the weighted rear wheels from scratch. In order to provide better visibility of front-mounted equipment, the tractor is not fitted with a cab.
"The tractor is used to carry a hydraulicpoweredvacuum seeder, a vegetable transplanter that carries 6 people, and a 6-row cultivator. The speed range is 0 to 16 mph. The farmers who bought the tractor previously used a big articulating tractor that was hard to keep on the row. Our Hy-Till is easy to control," says Breen. The Hy-Till tractor sells for $35,000 and up, depending on options. He and Weaver also have plans to build a 30-hp. conventionally geared cultivator tractor with a similar configuration.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John, Breen, 147 Frontenac S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49508 616 243-9757).

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