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Pivoting Bucket Forks Fit Compact Loaders
The super simple Bucketeer turns any compact tractor loader into a brush, bale and vine handler. Designed for compact tractor loaders, the tool has a 1,400-lb. capacity.
    “The Bucketeer implement adapter bar pins to any compact loader bucket, new or old,” says David Kidwell, Bucketeer Tractor Gear. “No quick-tach or hydraulic power needed. Just slip in the forks or other tools and go to work. To use the bucket by itself, just pull two pins and tip the arms and bar up and out of the way.”
    The Bucketeer requires 4 holes to be drilled in each side of the bucket. One hole is for a support peg for the arm to rest on for added lifting strength. One hole is the pivot point for the arm. The other 2 holes are to lock the arm in place for use or out of the way when the bucket is being used by itself.
    Steel tubes mounted perpendicular to the ends of the arms slide into a center adapter bar designed around the receiver hitch concept. The telescoping effect of the tube-in-tube design allows the base unit to be mounted on buckets from 48 to 72 in. wide. Kidwell says the system is also being engineered for larger buckets with a 6-point arrangement.
    Four equidistant receiver hitches mounted perpendicular to the bar allow a variety of tools to be pinned in place. The base unit comes with 32-in. utility forks. Each fork is a 1 by 1-in. solid steel bar welded front and back inside 8-in. long, 1 1/2 by 1 1/2-in. steel tubes that pin inside the receiver hitch mounts. The front ends of the steel bars are machined down for the first 8 in.
    “The inventor of the Bucketeer had purchased a compact tractor with a loader and a shredder to clean up some property,” explains Kidwell. “Rather than buy a forklift and/or grapple fork attachments, he developed the Bucketeer.”
    The base unit forks can be used to pick up logs and branches or dragged in a vertical position to gather brush into a pile for handling. The 32-in. forks can be replaced by 42-in. forks for big bale handling. One or more forks can be removed, and a trailer dolly with ball hitch can be added.
    The base unit with 32-in. forks is priced at $1,049. The 42-in. forks are $119, and the trailer dolly is $199. Other attachments, such as a boom and manlift, are in development.
    The Bucketeer and attachments can be ordered direct or through a growing list of compact tractor dealers.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bucketeer Tractor Gear, 580 Catalina Dr., Woodway, Texas 76712 (ph 254 640-5014; david@bucketeergear.com; www.bucketeergear.com).

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