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“Better Mouse Trap” Sends You Texts
If you’ve ever set a mouse trap, then forgot about it until you smelled something disgusting, you might be interested in a Victor Smart-KillTM electronic trap. When the trap catches a rodent, it sends you a message on your smartphone.
  “Customers like the fact that they don’t have to check their traps every day,” according to Victor. If you set multiple traps you can identify each one so you know which trap to check.
  The trap kills quickly with 6,000 volts of electricity, powered by four AA batteries good for up to 100 mice.
  The low-profile traps are easy to maintain. Put a bit of bait, such as peanut butter, in the bait cup, place the trap indoors against a wall on a flat surface, and set up the Wi-Fi connection. Simply open and dump when a mouse is caught.
  Victor Smart-Kill traps are available at many stores and online at Amazon and other vendors for about $50 for mice traps and $70 for rat traps.
  In Europe, a Danish company has developed a similar electronic rodent trap that kills with 7,000 volts. Wisecon Wisebox models even dispose of the dead rodent into a closed container and rearm themselves. The traps can be set up outdoors and powered by battery, electricity or solar panels. The traps are only available in continental Europe.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, www.victorpest.com/smart-kill.

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