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“Big Time” Pastured Chicken Production
If you want to produce chickens on pasture in a big way fast, Featherman Equipment has you covered. Featherman founder David Shafer has put it all together. From the Prairie Schooner mobile housing to poultry processing equipment for every size producer, Shafer makes pastured poultry easier and more economical.

    “I think pastured poultry is the single best way to rebuild our soils,” says Shafer. “These tools make it possible for a small farmer to increase his income and his soils.”

    Shafer describes the Prairie Schooner as an over engineered greenhouse on skids. It is available in 16 by 24-ft. ($4,313) and 20 by 40-ft. ($5,175) models. Tarps, tow chains, bottom sealing material, chicken wire, feeders and waterers are not included.

    “We use a high gauge metal and over build them for their size,” says Shafer. “They are being used for broilers and for laying hens.”

    The 20 by 40-ft. model can house up to 600 broilers or 400 layers. The 16 by 24-ft. model can handle up to 300 broilers or 150 layers.

     “The Prairie Schooner can move side to side or down the line onto fresh ground once or twice a day or more,” says Shafer. “The producer doesn’t have to worry about predators, and there is less time and stress on birds than with other pastured poultry systems. You can move the Prairie Schooner in 90 secs.”

    On-farm processing of 600 or more broilers is made easy and economical with the Featherman Pro Set Up. It includes the Picker, Scalder with Manual Dunker & Shackles, Small Kill Cone Stand, and 8 Broiler Cones. One person can process up to 60 birds per hour with the Set Up. Total cost is $3,505. Other bundled kits are available with different configurations and prices.

    Larger operators or groups of operators processing more than 10,000 birds a year should consider the Plant In A Box. They get a USDA approvable processing plant that can handle nearly 500 birds per hour with room for 3 to 6 workers. Depending on how the system is set up, prices range from $65,000 to $95,000.

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Featherman Equipment, P.O. Box 1472,

Granbury, Texas 76048 (ph 660 684-6035; david@feathermanequipment.com; www.feathermanequipment.com; www.prairieschooners.com).

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