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Capture Flies With Fly Net Trap
A YouTube video showing a net trap filled with thousands of flies caught our attention recently. If you have problems with flies, you may want to check out TheSunshineSpot Fly Net TrapTM available online for $25. The 9 1/4 by 15 3/4-in. net trap has a bowl at the base to hold bait that lures flies inside. Once inside they are trapped within the cone shape of the iron wire netting.
    Directions suggest using overripe fruit, veggies or stinky fish bait. But one commenting customer said Fancy Feast cat food with a little water to keep it moist did the trick for her. She videotaped a bag filled with dead and living flies.
    The flies can be easily removed by taking off the bottom of the trap and turning the cone part inside out into a disposal container.
    The trap is designed to be hung outdoors in backyards, on farms, at horse arenas, public parks, outdoor restrooms and any other place flies congregate.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TheSunshineSpot, www.thesunshinespot.com.
    Similar net-type fly traps are also available on Amazon for less than $10.

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