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Dish Soap + Coffee Grounds = Clean Hands
When FARM SHOW reader Andrew Gallagher cleans up after doing greasy mechanic work, there’s a faint coffee aroma about him. That’s because of the soap concoction he uses - a mixture of dish soap and coffee grounds.

    “I used to buy store-bought soap for mechanics that had ground-up walnut shells,” says the retired chef who enjoys working on vehicles. “Then I thought, I can do this myself.”

    As a chef he knew dish soap works well for removing grease; he just needed an abrasive.

    Instead of composting all his used coffee grounds, he dried some to place next to the dish soap he uses to wash his hands.

    “It’s just abrasive enough to take off grease and not hurt your hands,” he says.

    Wet your hands, soap them up, then dip a hand in the grounds and scrub your hands well before rinsing the soap/grounds off.

    Use any dish soap you like, Gallagher says. A cup of used coffee grounds goes a long way. It also works well to clean up after painting.

    “It’s simple,” he says. “And it smells good for a little while.”

    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Andrew P. Gallagher, P.O. Box 1614, Onset, Mass. 02558 (ph 508 273-7225; ndrewgalla@yahoo.com).

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