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Get The Lumps Out Of Fertilizer
The LumpBuster from Westcap Ag will make sure fertilizer spreads smoothly and evenly. The auger attachment fits under a fertilizer bin, breaking up clumps as you load up to head to the field.
    “Farmers get their best prices for fertilizer in the off-season, but it can get lumpy as it picks up moisture during storage,” says Ed Peters, Westcap Ag. “Some fertilizer even arrives lumpy from the supplier. Put the LumpBuster under the fertilizer bin and the product will come through the auger pea-sized.”
    The attachment is a steel box that fits inside the auger hopper. Fertilizer drops into the 15 by 18-in. mouth of the box, where it strikes a steel grid with 3 by 3-in. openings. Clumps that fall through the grid are broken up by 4 shafts with hardened steel studs spinning at high speed.
    “The outside shafts are on larger sprockets compared to the inner shafts so they spin a little slower,” says Peters. “The shaft speeds can be adjusted to match the auger for maximum flow.”
    Peters suggests using the flow control from the bin’s sweep motor on the LumpBuster. If it is hooked directly to the tractor, he advises installing a flow control ahead of the LumpBuster to optimize flow.
    The LumpBuster is manufactured at the company’s factory in Manitoba. It is available in a powder-coated mild steel for $5,500 or a stainless steel version for $6,500. One size fits 8, 10 and 12-in. augers with the addition of adapter plates.
    “One LumpBuster will fit any of the 3 sizes a farmer may have,” says Peters.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Westcap Ag, Box 1057, Portage La Prairie, Man. Canada R1N 1T3 (toll free 855 553-3711; sales@westcapag.com; www.westcapag.com).

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