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“Pasture Corn” Boosts Late Season Grazing
I’ve been experimenting with planting corn into my pastures. The idea is to use a tillage shovel to remove a strip of pasture sod and then plant corn into the slot. The slot provides a weed-free seedbed and allows grazing 2 to 3 weeks after planting.
  As expected, cattle graze at the level of the top of the slot. The growing point of corn is below ground until the 5-leaf stage, and by that time the plant is well rooted and isn’t easily pulled up by the cow. Cattle stay out of the slot so there’s no trampling of the plants.
  Last summer I planted the pasture corn in late July. We had a cool August, so by mid September, when the photo was taken, the corn was still quite small. The slot doesn’t have to be as wide as the one shown in the photo.
  A short-line equipment manufacturer took an interest in this idea a while back, but nothing ever developed. I still think a 2-row tillage unit could be married to ground-driven corn planter units to make a reasonably priced unit.
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