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Drive-Through Center Pivot Electric Fence
“I made this electric fence center pivot crossing for a friend. It lets his center pivot towers roll right through an electrified gate,” says Richard Jagels, Buhl, Idaho.
    The pivot tower passes between 2 T-posts set 50 in. apart. Each post has a 2-in. dia. black plastic pipe placed over it, resting on top of a shorter pipe that’s sunk into the ground. Both pipes support a pair of 24-in. long, 3/16-in. wide electrified strap irons that face across from each other. Both strap irons on one side of the tower are fitted with 9 1/2-in. long pieces of 4-in. dia., pvc pipe that rides over a 1 1/2-in. dia. rigid plastic pipe inside.
    As the pivot tower wheel contacts the sewer pipes, they turn freely and roll over the pivot tire cleats without catching. Once both pivot wheels have crossed through, the spring-loaded gates return to their original position. “The straps will swing out of the way with the pivot running either clockwise or counterclockwise,” says Jagels.
    He buried an insulated wire between the posts to keep everything electrified. He uses a pair of T-posts located just outside the gate to provide reinforcement. “I welded a 3-in. long light gauge pipe onto both ends of a 13-in. long metal strap, then slipped the pipe ends over the posts,” says Jagels.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Jagels, 3559 N. 1500 E., Buhl, Idaho 83316 (ph 208 731-0702; rvfarms1@filertel.com).

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