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Aluminum Pens Built For Guinea Pigs
If you’ve ever considered raising guinea pigs as a business, Henry Fisher of Little Mountain Welding has the equipment you’d need.
  “We use aluminum to build our pens to make them lightweight, and because spiders don’t like aluminum. Their webs won’t stick to it,” explains Fisher. Eliminating spiders reduces mites that can create health problems.
  “The guinea pig market is very good right now,” he says. He builds the USDA-approved pens for producers with operations of all sizes, and he can customize the pens according to size and other needs, including adding wheels to make them portable.
  The Jersey Shore, Penn., welder’s standard design stacks 5 pens (20 adult guinea pigs/pen) in an 8 by 4-ft. unit 6 ft. tall to accommodate 100 breeding guinea pigs, plus their offspring.
  “The pens have stainless steel water nipples that are plumbed to be automatic and built-in grain hoppers. The lids are on hinges with stainless steel snap latches,” Fisher says.
  His pens are unique because they are made of aluminum instead of plastic or vinyl. They clean up easily by simply scraping the contents into a wheelbarrow or container.
  Cost for standard units is $2,500.
  Fisher also builds aluminum horse barn slider doors and stainless-steel butchering equipment, and he repairs stainless steel milking equipment. He recently started working on building horse treadmills.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Little Mountain Welding, 310 Heck Rd., Jersey Shore, Penn. 17740 (ph 570 745-2240).

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