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“Bulletproof Pumps” Bring Oil Field Technology To Ag
Smart Turner Pumps are built to handle the acids and sand that quickly wear out pumps in ag applications. They were originally developed for Canada’s oil sands.
  “Our company started out producing pumps for agriculture 140 years ago,” says Ron Lounsbury, Smart Turner Pumps. “As we developed them for other industrial markets, our pumps exceeded what farmers needed. When farmers kept asking us to rebuild their pumps, we realized the needs of agriculture had caught up to our pump technologies.”
  As a result, Smart Turner Pumps returned to the ag market about 10 years ago. Two of their pumps are designed specifically for use with dragline manure spreading, pumping manure from dairies that use sand bedding. They are cast using a special heat-treated steel alloy and the double seal system designed for hazardous oil pumping situations.
  The double seal system and special alloy are over-engineered for agriculture, admits Lounsbury. However, he notes that durability is vital here, too.
  “Dragline operators run on a tight schedule, and they can’t afford to break down,” says Lounsbury. “Our pumps are designed with a 100,000-hr. bearing life.”
  “Other dragline pumps operate at high rpm’s, which is hard on the diesel motors that drive them. Ours are designed to operate at a lower rpm with the diesel running at a fixed speed. This extends motor life and pump life, as well as reduces fuel costs.”
  Smart Turner Pump’s larger pump moves 4,000 gpm at 250 psi. The smaller unit also pumps at 250 psi, but moves 2,000 gpm. “Our solid cast, 24-in. diameter impellers can pump manure slurry up to 6 miles,” says Lounsbury.
  The larger pump is priced at $45,000, while the smaller pump is priced at $35,000. Lounsbury emphasizes that not all manure handling or other ag situations require the premium alloy cast pump system. Other pumps from the company offer many of the same features, but at a third less cost.
  “We can custom design a pumping system that meets your situation and your needs,” says Lounsbury. “Just give us a call.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Smart Turner Pumps, P.O. Box 28066, Brantford, Ont. Canada N3R 7X5 (ph 519 757-1746; ph toll free 888 561-7867; www.smartturner.ca).

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