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Homemade 2-ft. Long Toy Milk Truck
Last year my grandson turned 2 years old, and for a birthday present I wanted to make him a 2-ft. long toy milk truck like the real one driven by both of his grandpas. However, I couldn’t find a toy milk truck anywhere that was bigger than a Hot Wheels toy. I even called the Ertl Company, which makes die-cast toy replicas, but they said they’ve never made a toy milk truck as big as I wanted.
  So I went to Fleet Farm and bought a 2-ft. long toy grain truck. I replaced the grain box with a milk tank that I built using a length of 4-in. dia. pvc pipe.  I cut the grain box off, leaving the frame rails in place, and screwed the pvc pipe onto a length of 1/4-in. plywood that forms a base for the tank and also serves as a catwalk on both sides. I used 1/2-in. plywood to fill in the tank ends. I attached 1/4 round molding between the plywood base and the tank. I also drilled a hole in top of the tank to serve as a loading port and installed a small metal plug as a cover. Then I sprayed all the pieces with bumper chrome paint.
  A local graphics company made a sign that I placed on both truck doors. It reads “Peter’s Milk Transfer, Goodhue, Minn.”.
  The truck cab came with three buttons on top. One produces an engine sound, one blows a horn, and the other shows flashing lights. My grandson and his little brother really get a kick out of playing with the truck, and seeing their excitement is priceless to me.
  I paid $35 for the truck and it took me about 6 hrs. to rebuild, so I’m willing to build trucks for others for $125. (Ken Kramer, Pine Island, Minn. ph 507 272-8738; VK77@Bevcomm.net)

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