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Mini Hopper Carts Travel At Highway Speeds
Werk Weld’s Handi-Hopper lives up to its name, whether hauling or holding bulk materials. The downsized gravity boxes were initially designed for wood pellet or corn burning stove owners. However, they are just as handy for hauling feed, seed or fertilizer.
  “They pull like a dream at highway speeds, whether full or empty,” says Donna Brenner, Werk Weld, Inc. “Even the 1-ton size, which is narrower than a pickup, doesn’t bounce around. You don’t even know they are back there.”
  The Handi-Hopper comes in 1-ton (53 cu.-ft. or 40-bu.) and 2-ton (83 cu.-ft. or 65-bu.) models. The 8 1/2-ft. long by 6 1/2-ft. tall by 6-ft., 5-in. wide, 1-ton model is designed to fit through a standard garage door. The 2-ton model is 10 ft., 2 in. long by 7 1/2 ft. tall by 7 ft., 2 in. wide.
  While rectangular at the top, the hoppers angle to a point at the bottom. A viewing window in the rear wall makes it easy to check material levels without opening the top hatch.
  Jackstands front and rear make for a stable platform when used to store feeds. A simple sliding gate releases materials onto the ground or into other containers.
  “A lot of customers use the Handi-Hoppers for show rations, horse feed or other custom feed blends,” says Brenner. “It saves the cost of having feed bagged and keeps it clean and rodent-free. Just unload it as needed.”
  She notes that other uses include hauling and storing food for wildlife plots, as well as feeding alfalfa pellets or other feed to livestock.
  “We have had customers modify the rear hatch with remote systems so they can open it from the pickup cab,” says Brenner. “They can drive through a pasture and drop feed or pellets on the ground as they go.”
  The Handi-Hoppers have a top hatch that opens the length of the hopper. It is opened with a front-mounted lever. The top slides 22 in. to the side for easy filling from an auger or an overhead bin.
  “A ball hitch is standard, but we can substitute a clevis hitch if customers prefer,” says Brenner.
  Handi Hoppers are priced at $1,980 for the 1-ton and $2,725 for the 2-ton.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Werk Weld, Inc., 28143 U.S. Hwy. 281, Armour, S. Dak. 57313 (ph 800 987-7360; www.werkweld.com).

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