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They Specialize In Replacement Seals
If you need a replacement seal, be it an O-ring, oil seal, rod wiper, piston seal, U-cup or other, Yoder Hydraulics probably has it in stock. If not, they can get it.
  “We have thousands of seals in stock in English and metric sizes,” says Dustin Yoder, Yoder Hydraulics. “They also come in a variety of materials. The most common is nitrile rubber, but we also carry Viton, CSE and Buna seals.”
  Hardness of the seal varies by application and is measured in durometers. Yoder notes that different manufacturers often require different hardness levels and types of material.
  “It seems like every cylinder uses a different seal,” he says.
  The best way to make sure you get the right seal is by sending in the old one. This allows Yoder to identify the material and measure the size. The next best way is to call with the inside and outside diameters, as well as the thickness of the seal.
  He suggests including the application, and whether it will be used with a pump, motor, or cylinder. “There may be a better quality material that will be more durable and last longer,” says Yoder. “Sometimes we can even diagnose what the problem is that caused the seal to fail.”
  He notes that seal failure can be from normal wear or may be a sign of other problems. “It may be internal pressure that is forcing a bypass of the seal or it may be contamination in the oil,” says Yoder.
  A defective cylinder rod can also cause problems, as can lack of use. “If you don’t use the cylinder or pump, the seal can simply dry out and get brittle,” he says. “There are also instances where the motor or cylinder get too hot and causes the seal to get brittle and crack,” he adds. “Sometimes a seal can go bad even if it is the best choice for that application. However, if there is a better seal for the application, we’ll recommend it.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Yoder Hydraulics, 12317 Dover Rd., Apple Creek, Ohio 44606 (ph 330 857-0001; dustinyh@safecom.link).

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