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He Rebuilds Governors For Farmall Tractors
“I make parts for the throttle shaft and new oversize hardened weight pins for Farmall governors,” says retired farmer and governor repair specialist Bob Lenz. “I started out repairing the governor on my old Farmall H and before long other people heard I was good at it, so over the years I’ve probably done 80 or more rebuilds.”
  Lenz says he’s worked with customers from Washington State to North Carolina and two Canadian provinces. “I had a booth at the Red Power Roundup in Des Moines in 2017 and met a lot of good folks there. I also have an ad in Red Power magazine, which generates quite a few calls.”
  Lenz works on governors for some tractors that are more than 75 years old. “I’ve done rebuilds for the H, M, Super H, Super M and Super M-TA, along with the W, 100 and 50 series Farmalls.”
  Lenz says a defective governor will cause a tractor to lose power and respond sluggishly when under a load. “I’ve re-built some governors for pullers, setting them 10 to 20 percent over, depending on what the association will allow,” Lenz says.
  Most of the units he works on are from owners restoring tractors who want their rebuilt engine to operate the best it possibly can. Lenz disassembles the governor, cleans all the parts, installs all new bearings, balances the weights and installs new shafts if they’re needed. He changes the clevis and pin assembly to a ball joint linkage, an upgrade that takes out any play in throttle response. Some reboring and drilling is needed to achieve a “like new” condition.
  “Rebuilding is time consuming work, but I built my own test stand and have the system down real well at this point,” Lenz says. His pricing varies depending on the amount of work he needs to do, but he says it’s still less than new or rebuilt parts that may cost $600 or more on the open market.
  “I enjoy the work, it’s a great way to make good use of my time. I enjoy talking to my customers,” Lenz says.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Lenz, 624 Capistrano Ave., Carroll, Iowa 51401 (ph 712 792-3065 or 712 790-9965; boblenztractors@gmail.com).

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