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Wireless Invisible Dog Fence
A new GPS-based wireless dog fence lets you keep your dog on the farm without having to bury a wire around the perimeter. GPS signals are received by a base unit that sends a signal to the dog’s collar to let it know when it is approaching the boundary.
  “The system is designed for properties of more than 5 acres,” explains Jon Cornwall, Invisible Fence. “While there are no limitations to the maximum size, under 5 acres there are too many fluctuations in GPS signals due to weather, cloud cover, and other factors.”
  After plotting the outer boundary on a Google map, the Invisible Fence installer walks the property and customizes it to avoid heavy tree cover or metal roofs, anything that might interfere with the GPS signal. A base unit is installed at the highest point of a barn or shed, typically near the center of the property.
  “We can then customize the layout within the boundary with 2 exclusion zones that will keep the pet out of an area such as a garden or livestock pen,” says Cornwall.
  The collar on the dog tracks where it is compared to the points of latitude and longitude that have been plotted. It also computes the speed and direction it is traveling. If the pet will cross an outer boundary or an exclusion area boundary within 20 sec., the base unit sends out a correction signal to the dog’s collar.
  GPS 2.0 installation costs vary slightly by dealership, averaging about $2,999. Cornwall describes it as the Cadillac of pet containment. However, the cost is offset by the ability to set boundaries around large areas. He notes that an in-ground invisible fence can cost $100 an hour to install.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Invisible Fence, 10427 PetSafe Way, Knoxville, Tenn. 37932 (ph 865 777-5404; www.invisiblefence.com).

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