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Firewood Cutting Deck Saves His Back
It saves my back, says Brett Hundertmark, who came up with a simple way to cut up firewood. This is the eighth idea he has shared with FARM SHOW readers (example: Low-Cost Skid Loader Quick-Hitch, Vol. 40, No. 1).
  I burn wood for heat in the house and two shops, and its hard on my back to cut wood on the ground, explains the Bode, Iowa, resident.
  Instead, he cuts logs into firewood size pieces using his mobile log deck. He built the deck out of an old running gear and power line material that he got for free when the poles were replaced. He bolted two 18-ft. long, 6 by 9-in. beams to the running gear frame and lag bolted the 8-ft. cross arms on top.
  I can stand while I saw, cutting between the beams to get the length I want. I let them drop on the ground, then pull the wagon out of the way so I can split them, Hundertmark explains.
  He has 8 1/2 acres of timber where he cuts dead and fallen trees. He loads them on the wagon with his skidloader and pulls the wagon to a location where he can cut and split.
  You never hit your chain in the dirt or rock, and it doesnt hurt if you hit the cedar beams. If I have a big log, I can saw it halfway, roll it over and cut it the rest of the ways so the blade never gets stuck, Hundertmark says.
  He adds that the cross arms are located close enough together, that he can also use it for stacking hay bales if he needs an extra wagon.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brett Hundertmark, 2119 120th St., Bode, Iowa 50519 (ph 515 379-2702; trtack@humrec.com).

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