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Electronic Depth Control Kit Offers Wireless Control
“Our new electronic depth control kit for planters, combines an electric actuator with a self-contained hydraulic chamber. It offers spontaneous down pressure with user-friendly wireless control. Also, it eliminates the headaches of hydraulic hoses and is more responsive than pneumatic down pressure,” says Marty Graham, Graham Equipment, Sterling, Colo.
  The units work on any planter, replacing the existing down pressure springs. They contain 4-in. electric actuators that pressurize a hydraulic cylinder to create down pressure.
  The system offers wireless control through the company’s Command Pro touch screen monitor.  “The system results in more planting accuracy and less maintenance. It’s much faster than pneumatic down pressure systems, and just as fast as hydraulic systems,” says Graham. “There are no hydraulic hoses or wire harnesses going to every row to worry about.
  “We designed the system to interface with our wireless electric planter drive kit using the same power supply. Each actuator has a control board that communicates with the Command Pro and tells it what to do while providing a feedback display in the cab.”
  According to Graham, the system offers more than 1,000 lbs. of down pressure. “The actuator has only a 4-in. stroke which makes it very responsive - it has to move only 1/4 to 1/2 in. to change the pressure 100 lbs.”
  The company is releasing the wireless electronic depth control kit this spring. It sells for $1,200 per row, or $2,300 per row if purchased with the company’s electric planter drive kit.  
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Graham Equipment, 216 Oak St., Sterling, Colo. 80751 (ph 844 464-7242; sales@grahamelectricplanter.com; www.grahamelectricplanter.com).

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