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Hook Doctor Helps Control Cattle Safely
An invention initially designed for humans
has proven just as effective to control livestock. Several years ago, the basic design of the Theracane for back massage was adapted for the Hook Doctor to humanely control cattle.
  Grant Ritchey, owner of Ritchey Tags, helped with manufacturing the tool for humans.
  He recalls the day the vet came to his ranch and needed help while mouthing cattle - checking their teeth for age.
  I had the Theracane in the house and brought it out. Cows have big cheeks and this has a round ball that fits between the cheek and gum with no pressure, Ritchey notes. It opens their mouths so they show their teeth. Its non-invasive to the cow and provides safety to the person controlling her.
  The tool worked so well, that Ritchey modified it by lengthening it and adding a small hook on the end to help catch a calf by a leg, using the same principal as a chicken hook.
  The dual-purpose Hook Doctor is handy to hang in a shed or on an ATV, and its bright orange color makes it easy to find. Its useful for a variety of procedures including administering boluses, drenching and ear tagging, Ritchey says.
  Owners of other livestock, such as sheep and goats, use it for sorting the herd.
  A lot of people still purchase it for the human side to work on their feet or back. They buy two, one for the home and one for the squeeze chute, Ritchey says.
  Made of durable plastic, the Hook Doctor sells for $49.95 through the Ritchey online store or can be purchased through a Ritchey dealer.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ritchey Livestock ID, 13821 Sable Blvd., Brighton, Colo. 80601 (ph 800 327-8247; www.ritcheytags.com).

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