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“Loader Holders” Free Up Hydraulics
Using a set of “loader holders” on my 3930 Ford diesel lets me use its single set of hydraulic valves to power other equipment. Without the loader holders, I would have to dismount the loader to use hydraulics for other uses.
  The brackets, which slip over the clevis and exposed cylinder rod, were the brainchild of my local mechanics. When I spoke with them about what it would take to add a set of remotes to the tractor, they asked whether or not I would need to use the loader hydraulics at the same time as a hydraulically actuated implement. I didn’t think that was likely.
  The next day I had my brackets. They are 7 in. long, 3-sided, 2 by 2-in. steel channels. Tabs welded to the ends lay across the rod clevises when the brackets are set over the cylinder rods.
  The tabs hold the brackets in place, with the cylinder barrel resting against the brackets, until the loader is lowered to about 3 ft. above the ground. At that point, the weight of the loader secures the brackets, and pressure on the valves is released so they’re free to use for other things.
  My local New Holland dealer quoted $2,000 for a factory kit to add 2 remote hydraulic valves. My brackets cost me $12.
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