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Remote Shut-Down For Tractors, Combines
"It instantly shuts down, or restarts, any piece of equipment from up to 50 ft. away," says Douglas Wiley, representative of Sidwell Development, Ltd., manufacturer of a new remote control shut-down device for tractors, combines, augers, feeders and virtually any other equipment.
The device consists of two parts a transmitter that's about the size of a deck of playing cards, and a receiver that's about the size of a paperback book. When mounted on a tractor, the receiver controls either an ignition shut-off or a valve in the fuel line, depending on the tractor. The operator carries the transmitter in a shirt pocket or on his belt. Any time he presses the transmitter bar on the unit, from up to 50 ft. away, the receiver shuts down the tractor. A voice-activated model is also available that will filter out background noise and react only to a human voice.
Wiley says one benefit of the shut-off is for safety. But there are other uses as well. "You can use it to turn a tractor off when filling silo or powering an auger without continually climbing back on the machine. If the tractor is easy starting, you can also use the transmitter to turn it back on again. The transmitter can also be used to control any electric motor. Some farmers have expressed an interest in using it to control feed systems or other equipment. It's literally as easy to use as a garage door opener."
Sidwell Development plans to go into production in July or August. The shut-off system sells for $389.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sidwell Development, Rt. 1, Solon, Iowa 52333 (ph 319 644-2529 or 319 393-4530).

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