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Binder Wrap For Round Bales Replaces Twine
"To our knowledge, it's the first plastic wrap for round bales that's designed to replace twine for tying bales," says Kurt Madsen, the Danish farmer who invented "Binder-Wrap". It's an attachment that fits any round baler and wraps a bale tight enough to hold it together. As a bonus, the plastic also protects bales from rain and snow.
The Binder-Wrap unit attaches to the front of the baler. Once a bale is completed, a 20-in. wide strip of cling-type plastic feeds out of the Binder-Wrap unit. First, one half of the bale receives three wraps. Then the unit moves to the other side of the bale and makes three wraps there. Madsen says the new plastic wrapping process, which is computerized to run at the touch of a button, is "much faster than wrapping with twine".
Two braking wheels stretch the film tightly around the circumference of the bale. Once the bale is wrapped, the wheels lock, causing the plastic to tear off.
Madsen says the unit will pay for itself in twine savings alone. It sells for about $6,500.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Binder-Wrap A/S, D. Lauritzensvej 8, DK-6700 Esbjerg, Denmark (ph 00 45 75 12 15 22; fax 00 45 75 12 78 86).

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