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Old sink recirculating parts washer
Ivan Zimmerman, Denver, Penn., made an inexpensive recirculating parts washer by bolting an 8-ft. long, 2-ft. wide nickleplated steel sink removed from an old house to a concrete wall inside his shop.
"It's big enough to wash engine heads and blocks and cost almost nothing to make," says Zimmerman.
He installed a pair of milk cans, as well as a water pump removed from an old pressure system, under the sink. One can is on the pressure side of the pump and the other is on the intake side. A hose equipped with a brush runs from the pressurized tank to the sink. Dirty parts cleaning fluid drains from the sink into the intake side can where dirt settles out on the bottom. Clean solvent is then pumped into the pressure side can which charges the system. When the pressure gets low the water pump starts up automatically.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ivan Zimmerman, RD 1, Box 408, Denver, Penn. 17517 (ph 215 267-2459).

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