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Cleaning Gun Hooks To Pickup's Exhaust
Engine exhaust from your pickup or tractor powers the new X-0 (exhaust operated) Kleen Gun introduced by Jones Enterprises, Colby, Kan.

You simply hook the portable cleaner to the exhaust pipe on your pickup, tractor or straight truck - no electricity or water pressure is needed.

Exhaust from the engine serves as an air compressor which siphons cleaning fluid through a special nozzle. Or, you can use the unit as a "dry" cleaner.

Using it with a 5/8 in. nozzle, for example, allows 25 times more air volume than the average 1/8 in. hose nozzle for extremely fast dry cleaning of all types of harvesting or haying equipment, or for blowing out radiators, air filters, and so forth.

Pressure is controlled by the rpm of the motor being used. A diesel engine produces a higher pressure than a gas engine due to higher compression, explains Bill Jones, of Jones Enterprises. To produce this high volume of air pressure, a 350 cu. in. gas engine - or a medium to large 4 cycle diesel - with single exhaust and operating at a medium to fast idle, is recommended.

The Kleen Gun isn't recommended for use on automobiles and light duty pickups. The reason: Overheating might occur as the cooling systems are not generally designed for stationary use. "Hooking the Kleen Gun to the exhaust on a recommended vehicle doesn't hurt the engine," says Jones. "The unit is designed to create near equal pressure on both sides of the exhaust valves, the same as any air compressor. You need a fair size engine for power, a hand throttle, a tight exhaust system and, due to fumes, the unit must be used outside or in a well-ventilated area," explains Jones.

Retails for under $200.

For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jones Enterprises, Box 361, Colby, Kan. 67701 (ph 913 462-2418).

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